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by sealweb, April 18, 2017


Founder and group facilitator, Shoshana leads meditation, Karuna Yoga, nutrition talks and intuitively brings together the pieces of the puzzle of health and happiness for each individual.

Trained in psychology, Non-violent communication, Iyengar Yoga, Independent Natural nutrition researcher, Biodynamics, Reiki and a life long student of human growth. Sho’s talks speak simply and clearly both to the heart and to the intellect, weaving the small and the large, microbiology and spiritual ‘why are we here’ questions into her enquiry and discussions.


Louise is our beloved Journey therapist. Using a unique Journey therapy, she enhances your connection and enables profound healing of a stuck pattern or issue that you feel is blocking you from thriving in life. This can be physical, emotional or mental blockage. The insight, freedom and health that this journey of awareness, feeling and forgiveness brings is profound and long lasting.


Paul is our residential massage therapist, and also yoga teacher. Trained extensively in chinese acupuncture, holistic, deep tissue and abdominal massage, as well as nutritional therapy. His depth of understanding and kind quiet manner lend his treatments and yoga sessions both a dynamic and deep calm quality. His special interest is in digestive health and masage techniques for the abdomen.

Paul helps to keep everyone comfortable and deals swiftly with anything that needs sorting in your cottages (from colonic boards to heating – he’s your man!)


Lisa provides massage treatments to support and pamper you during your detox.

Her most popular treatments are Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Happy Hips.

Lisa has over 15 years experience as a massage therapist and is also trained as a life coach. Her passion is living life to the fullest and she lives in Devon raising her son.

Her massages are deep and nourishing, as she enters a deep conscious meditative space as she treats you creating the perfect conditions for all tensions to melt away and for you to enter this deeply restful state too.


Donna is back with Karuna Detox retreats this June – she prepares your juices, provides general people care and supports the group space – making your experience comfortable and nourished. Donna is a wonderful raw gourmet chef and on Thursday after your break-fast (live tasty & 100% organic) invites you into her Raw food Kitchen to show you how to make simple and delicious foods that are guilt free, health building, keep you out of trouble -kind of foods : ). You get the option to roll up your sleeves and learn how to prepare two beautiful main meals to be served for Thu. lunch and dinner. You will leave transformed!


Tim is our Japanese Shiatsu and Abdominal massage therapist. See Shiatsu, and Ear Acupuncture.

Supporting both release of toxins throughout the body, and deep relaxation of the central nervous system to calm and balance the body and mind/emotional body.


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